waiver appendix a

I understand Left Lane Customs (2804632 Ontario Inc.) takes great pride in the hobby of car detailing. I understand there will be limitations to what can be done to the car, but great effort will be made in trying to make me satisfied. If I am not happy with the job, I will contact Left Lane Customs (2804632 Ontario Inc.) to discuss it.


I understand I will explain all areas of the vehicle that are damaged or not working properly. I understand there are inherent risks of damage with car detailing, especially when there is previous damage. I understand I will not hold Left Lane Customs (2804632 Ontario Inc.) responsible for any existing damage, or new damage caused because I was unaware of existing damage or inoperable equipment. (An example of this would be trim pieces not properly secured, electronic controls of windows or seats).


I understand if there are certain areas I do not want detailed, I will notify Left Lane Customs (2804632 Ontario Inc.) prior to the start of services. I understand that Left Lane Customs (2804632 Ontario Inc.) will not reinstall child car seats.

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